Welcome to learn Mandarin Chinese with Cheltenham Mandarin School. 欢迎跟我们学中文-Zhōng wén,汉语- Hàn yǔ ,普通话-Pǔ tōng huà!COVID-19? Online Live Chinese Lessons - 继续提供中文网络在线课程。

Cheltenham Mandarin offers tailor-made Mandarin Chinese courses. Our flexible One-to-one programmes allow you to choose the time, place and intensity of the teaching schedule to fit in with your personal and work commitments. Designed to be effective, stimulating and practical, so you can learn to speak Mandarin quickly and learn how to write Chinese characters correctly. We will do a pre-course needs analysis and language assessment to design your learning plan with you. Private lessons are ideal for students who need to maximise their progress. We offer a trial lesson and free learning materials for beginners. We also provide online Mandarin Chinese learning via Skype or FaceTime lessons. Some former students continue their studies when they are relocated.

Our Mandarin learners, yet again, are celebrating outstanding examination results with a 100% GCSE - A* and Pre-U - Merit. Congratulations James, Jack, Hannah, Olivia, Duncan, Mollie, Carson, Ami, Tom, James, Kate, and Rob. A special mention of Rob, jiggling between his job, family duty, and his younger son is studying at university, and somehow managed a remarkable - narrowly missed full marks.

Mandarin Chinese Courses

One-to-one or Small groups class (you and your friends) Mandarin and Japanese language tuitions for children and adults of all levels. Mandarin clubs in school. Free learning materials online. Free trial lesson for new learners. Find out more


我们同有良好声誉的小学、中学、高中合作,为留学的学生提供有关国际留学咨询监护人等服务。 更多。

Chinese Translation & Interpreting

We are linguists with mother tongue of Chinese and near native level of in the source language. Localised style and clarity is important to ensure consistency with your company style and terminology. Find out more

Intercultural workshops

We provide an insight into Chinese history, its people, culture and business practices. By helping you understand the cultural differences between the two societies, you will be able to communicate more effectively. Find out more

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Language Fun: Teacher Yingshi Helsby from Cheltenham Mandarin School with Mandarin language pupils of St Edward School Freddie Taylor, Otto Martin and Hannah Othan.

Author of Book 'Talking with the New Business Dragons'

"It provides essential insights into the changing China business environment, its people and how to trade and do business successfully."

Lord Powell of Bayswater KCMG

The book (ISBN-10: 1852527218) can be ordered via Amazon.

Free online videos tutorials

Will is one of our learner, he has kindly recorded this set of videos with me.

In these lessons, you'll learn greetings, and other basics.

Learn through songs

Our free online Learning Material is offered to all our learners. Printable version can be downloaded from our website.

Emily and Ellie are enjoying the moment.

Chinese tongue twister

This was recorded during Callum's 2nd lesson. He is more Chinese then a Chinese, works in a top Engineering firm as head of China branch now.

What does our students say? A professionally run business which met the needs of my students and our school. Always punctual and well organised, the teacher did everything she promised and went the extra mile when Covid 19 disrupted exam plans. Thank you!
Mrs Julia Edgeworth Simmonds - Head Modern Foreign Languages Rendcomb College
Yingshi is an excellet teacher who really strived to personalise my lessons every week given my unique situation. She was flexible and understanding when things became difficult, and was quick to respond to any queries. Yingshi is not only an excellent language teacher, but also someone who cares greatly about her students and their needs. I can't recommend her enough!
Charlotte Bates
I studied with YingShi for about 4 months before going to Taiwan for one year. I was a complete beginner. This was the best decision I could have made and I could not have asked for a better teacher. I am often praised for my authentic and standard Mandarin accent, and this is entirely thanks to YingShi's fantastic teaching. Learning Mandarin may seem daunting but I did not once feel pressure or uncomfortable. If you want the best chance at learning this language properly, I highly recommend YingShi!! Thank you.
Will Northen
My daughter has been learning Mandarin for nearly 8 years, but YingShi is the person anablered her to speak it in 20 lessons!
Mrs Suellen Littleton of Oxford University
An excellent teacher! The lessons are enjoyable as well encouraging. I found her approach to each lesson easy to understand and this really helped me grasp what I was being taught. I thoroughly recommend her lessons to anyone wanting to learn Chinese.
Kevin Herbert of Dezac
I feel that much of what I'm learning is sticking and it's great fun. Her fees are bit higher than the other tutors I've learned with, but I'm learning so much faster, so I think it's worth every penny. I look forward to my weekly lessons.
James Colman
YingShi taught my older son Japanese and he achieved A* for his A level. He then learned Mandarin and within 6 months, he achieved an A in GCSE Chinese. We had so much faith in her, when my younger son expressed an interest in learning Chinese, we had no hesitation in asking her to tutor him. He loved his Mandarin lessons! Now he is studying at Cambridge University.
Celia Collins
Thanks for sending Emily's reading audio, we are suitably impressed. We are thankful for all your hard work and for travelling over here. All the best to you all.
Charles Martell
Yingshi’s experience does shine through in the work that she does, the lessons are engaging and the time goes quickly as well as a feeling afterwards that your brain has had a work out. It's quite a moment when you can put the first sentence together, a bit like seeing a child make its first few words into a sentence. Yingshi varies the lessons to keep it moving forward without following a particular text being followed, she is also great at fitting the lessons in around the working day, and can accommodate changes at quite short notice without a cancellation fee.
Paul Mitchell of HMMH