Language and Intercultural Training

The best provider of experienced Mandarin Chinese teachers and cultural trainer in Cheltenham, Gloucester, Cirencester, Stroud and the surrounding area.

Cheltenham Mandarin provides professional language and cultural training for businesses, schools and individuals. We offer a range of services including workshops, lectures, small group training and individual coaching matching the approach to the needs of the client.

Our cultural and language courses are complemented by a range of other services, including translation and interpreting. We have a special focus researching the Chinese market for British businesses.

The Chinese school aims to introduce Chinese tradition and culture and provide educational programmes for children and adults of all ages and backgrounds. The focus of its Chinese language programme is on Mandarin Chinese, simplified Chinese character and Pin Yin system (Chinese phonetic system).


At Cheltenham Mandarin School, our language courses are taught by University qualified native (standard) Mandarin Chinese (Putonghua)speaking teachers who are fluent in English and are highly experienced in teaching Chinese as a foreign language.

    Name: YingShi Helsby

    Qualifications: MSc in Professional Computing, Staffordshire University; BSc in Chemistry. Saitama University, Japan.

    Languages: English, Korean, Japanese and Mandarin

    Teaching Levels: Beginner to Proficient level students

    Teaching Experience: YingShi has been teaching Mandarin Chinese even since she was a student in Japan. About six years ago, she started teaching languages to children and adults full-time, also providing cultural training for expats to be. She is patient, caring, fun and very good with young and older learners. She is very passionate and committed about teaching.

    YingShi also does business support, providing cultural training for expats to be. With a background of brought up bilingual in Chinese and Korean, lived and worked in China, Japan and UK, she has a deep understanding of both of the cultural and business of the Far East and the West. She is co-author of “Talk with the new Business Dragons” .

    Previously, she worked as a software engineer in UK for over 16 years including Eagle Star (Zurich Finance Services limited now), The Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS) and Capita Further and Higher Education.

    YingShi founded Cheltenham Mandarin 12 years ago to share her knowledge and experiences.

Name: BingYing Deng

    Qualifications: MBA and BA Philosophy in University of Gloucestershire

    Languages: English and Mandarin

    Teaching Levels: Beginner to Proficient level students

    Teaching Experience: Bingying is a very bright young lady, loves Chinese, English cultural and life, always full of enthusiasm and being very helpful. She taught both group classes and on a one-to-one basis to students whose ability ranged from complete beginner to advanced. She also has experice of teaching at Mandarin clubs in a local independent school for children age from 7 years old to 10 years old, and and she helps organising holiday courses for Chinese students. She loves Philosophy, traveling, reading and keeping fit.

Name: Li Ma, based in Gloucester

Qualifications: MSc in Education Technology and Society, Graduate School of Education, University of Bristol

Languages: English and Mandarin

Teaching Levels: Beginner to Proficient lever students

Teaching Experience: Mrs Ma is a well qualified Mandarin Chinese teacher who has an intermediate level of teaching qualification certified by International Profession Certification Association. She has tutored students from total beginner to advanced level both on one-to-one and group basis for more than two years. She is originally from Beijing and speaks perfect Putonghua with Beijing accent. Her students always enjoyed her lesson.


Your workshops will be designed and led by an experienced cross-cultural trainer. Cheltenham Mandarin has successfully run more than 80 sessions of workshops for clients in UK, Ireland, Netherlands and China. Many of them have been bi-lingual in English and Mandarin Chinese.

Cultural Training Experiences and Workshops:



If you think you are competent in Chinese and English cultural and languages, you have Mandarin Chinese teaching experience in UK, and you are passionate about teaching, then we like to hear from you. The teaching work is on a freelance basis and is part-time. Tutoring generally takes place at our office in Cheltenham, it can also be in a school.

Candidates must:

  • hold a qualification in Chinese as your mother tongue and speak standard (Putonghua) Mandarin
  • have teaching experiences or work experiences in the UK
  • have a good standard of literacy and oral communication skills in English
  • be enthusiastic about teaching Mandarin language and Chinese culture
  • have excellent manners and good sense of humour
  • you have a valid Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) or you must be willing to go through DBS check if you are to involve in teaching children
  • you must be eligible work in the UK.

Please forward us your CV and references. Your CV should give an accurate account of your language teaching experiences and should also indicate your availability: daytime, evenings, and or weekends.