Pre-requisites: Learners with intermediate level of Mandarin language and cultural knowledge.

Using cultural topics, current affairs, and language materials from different literary genres as the context. This class teaches intermediate learners to comprehend, speak, read, and discuss complex topics in Chinese.

It covers elements of:
  • Reading: Notices, Emails, News
  • Appreciating some Chinese idioms
  • Appreciating some classic and modern poetry
  • Appreciate Confucius sayings
  • Writing: discuss formal/informal writing, different styles of writing
  • Advanced grammar, sentence patterns, expressions, internet words, slang etc
  • Conversation: discussing culture differences, comparing life styles, politics, economics, education, social issue and business
  • Chinese cultural experiences

The student will learn to use a dictionary to read and write freely (using a computer) in most daily life and work situations. Making use of cultural references and expressing opinions.