Certificate Exams Preparation

This is for people who require a language certificate to enhance their CV for professional purposes, or as a step onto the next level of their education. Theses courses are designed to gain the highest marks in your target exams (HSK or university exam). We help some local schools conduct speaking part of the test both in Mandarin and Cantonese.

It covers all elements required or desired exam boards syllabus and Beginners, Intermediate, or Advanced language program, dependent on your starting points and full elements of Intercultural Workshops.

For Chinese language exams, you need to have solid foundation of Pinyin (sound make up) and written (Chinese characters) and writing orders. Good understanding of language formation (grammars) and vocabularies. In addition, understand Chinese culture in some degree, base on outline requirements of each exam boards syllabus.

Main objectives are to enable students to develop:

  • an understanding of Chinese in a variety of contexts
  • a knowledge of Chinese vocabulary and structures
  • transferable language learning skills
  • the ability to communicate effectively in Chinese
  • awareness and understanding of countries and communities where Chinese is spoken.
GCE Chinese AS and A-level
GCE ChineseEdexcel GCE
ClassOne-to-one or small group
Start DateAny time
Lesson Structure1 hour session, 1-3 per sessions per week
LocationOur office or yours

GCE exam split to AS and A2. You can take the exam both in Mandarin or Cantonese, simplified or traditional Chinese character writing.

The AS level rewards students for their understanding of spoken and written Chinese, their ability to transfer meaning from Chinese into English and to produce continuous writing in Chinese. The latter would be an essay linked to a short Chinese-language stimulus.

  • Spoken Expression and Response in Chinese
  • Understanding and Written Response in Chinese, includs: Listening, Reading and Writting

    General topic areas:

    • Food, diet and health
    • Transport, travel and tourism
    • Education and employment
    • Leisure, Youth interests and Chinese festivals. Chinese festivals: the Chinese New year, mid-autumn festival, dragon boat festival, Ching Ming (Qing Ming)

The A2 level test students ability on understand and respond in writing to written Chinese. It also enables them to demonstrate their ability to write in Chinese and promotes knowledge and understanding of Chinese culture and/or society through focused research.

  • Understanding and Written Response in Chinese, includs: Reading, Translation, Essay writing and Research-based essay writting, both essays (250–500 characters).

    Add topic area:

    • Environment (energy, pollution and environmental campaigns)
The Edexcel GCE offers ‘Three units’ format rewards learners for speaking, reading, listening and writing.

A-level Chinese brings the language to life as students apply their learning to real-world scenarios. Given employers' demand for language skills, this could mean higher employability for you. If you have a natural aptitude for languages and you can commit time for at lest 3 sessions a week, it is achievable within a year if you have achived GCSE; or about 2 sessions a week within 18 months.