Certificate Exams Preparation

This is for people who require a language certificate to enhance their CV for professional purposes, or as a step onto the next level of their education. Theses courses are designed to gain the highest marks in your target exams (HSK or university exam). We help some local schools conduct speaking part of the test both in Mandarin and Cantonese.

It covers all elements required or desired exam boards syllabus and Beginners, Intermediate, or Advanced language program, dependent on your starting points and full elements of Intercultural Workshops.

For Chinese language exams, you need to have solid foundation of Pinyin (sound make up) and written (Chinese characters) and writing orders. Good understanding of language formation (grammars) and vocabularies. In addition, understand Chinese culture in some degree, base on outline requirements of each exam boards syllabus.

Main objectives are to enable students to develop:

  • an understanding of Chinese in a variety of contexts
  • a knowledge of Chinese vocabulary and structures
  • transferable language learning skills
  • the ability to communicate effectively in Chinese
  • awareness and understanding of countries and communities where Chinese is spoken.
汉字能力考试 (HSK) - The Chinese Proficiency Test
汉字能力考试 (HSK) HSK - Chinese education and examination service
ClassOne-to-one or small group
Start DateAny time
Lesson Structure1.5 hours session, 1-3 per sessions per week
LocationOur office or yours

It is China's national standardized test designed and developed by the HSK Center of Beijing Language and Culture University to assess the Chinese language proficiency of non-native speakers (including foreigners, overseas Chinese and students from Chinese national minorities). It is recognised in China, but most UK qualifications such as Chinese GCSEs or A levels (equivalent) are better received in China.

  • HSK (Basic) is a standardized test designed for beginners. There are two levels: level 1 and 2. It is for leaners who have acquired 400-3000 basic Chinese words and HSK grammar level 1 and 2 outlines.
  • HSK Elementary-Intermediate is suitable for persons who have mastery of 2000-5000 Chinese words and HSK grammar level 3 and 4 outlines
  • HSK Advanced applies to those who have mastery of 5000-8000 Chinese words and HSK grammar level 5 to 6 outlines.