Pre-requisites: Learners with beginner level of knowledge of Mandarin.

Using cultural topics, current affairs, and language materials from different literary genres as the context, plus text books of your choice. This class teaches intermediate learners to comprehend, speak, read, and discuss complex topics in Chinese.

It covers elements of:

  • Correct usage of numerals
  • Introduce well known Chinese classic poetry
  • Introduce Chinese idioms
  • Introduce Confucius sayings
  • Daily expressions
  • Slang words expressions
  • Express your view and opinions
  • More conversation topics
  • More vocabulary (characters and words in Simplified Chinese)
  • Intermediate level grammar, sentence patterns, tenses with time expressions, conjunctions, passive etc
  • More Chinese cultural information

The student will learn 3000 new vocabulary items, read 800 characters , 100 new grammatical structures, and the ability to speak Chinese freely in most daily life situations.