Kids' Mandarin

Give your children a fantastic head start by opening their eyes to a colourful and totally different culture, and the most widely spoken language in the world. Children learn through playing, singing songs and activities, and have the opportunity to pronounce Mandarin as perfectly as a native speaker.

These courses are suitable for children at all levels. Please also see ISEB exam for preparatory or primary school age pupils

LengthFrom 3 months
Proficiency LevelsBeginners, Intermediate, or Advanced
ClassOne-to-one or small group
Start DateAny time
Lesson Structure45 minutes to an hour session, 1-2 per sessions per week
LocationOur office, your office or your home

Our Children's Programme covers some elements of Beginners language programme and some elements of Intercultural Workshops.

For the language segment, the programme takes you through a Language Overview to understand Chinese language formation, sound make-up and written language. Following the overview, you will learn some essential words and phrases such as:

  • ordering food and taxis
  • numerals for money
  • date and time
  • emergencies
  • the essential art of shopping and bargaining in China.

For the Chinese culture segment, you will learn about:

  • China's 5000 year-long history, including major events that affected and shaped the culture to its contemporary political, social and economic environment
  • Core values and beliefs in China: why do Chinese people behave in the way that they do?
  • What is public and what is private? Who are insiders and who are outsiders?
  • Religious beliefs and philosophers
  • Status and hierarchy in society
  • Etiquette
  • Which numbers and colours are lucky? Why?
  • Chinese names
  • Communication style - verbal and body language
  • Sensitive conversation topics to avoid that may embarrass or make people feel uncomfortable
  • Customs for births, weddings, deaths and other special occasions
  • Traditions and Celebrations. When shouldn't you travel in China?
ISEB Certificate
ISEB CertificateISEB syllabuses & specimen papers
ClassOne-to-one or small group
Start DateAny time
Lesson Structure1 hour session, 1-3 per sessions per week
LocationOur office, your office or your home

The ISEB Assessment in Mandarin Chinese is for preparatory or secondary school pupils who have undertaken 30 to 40 hours or one to two years of study. It includes:

  • Reading & Writing - 45 minutes (70%)
  • Listening – 15-20 minutes (20%)
  • Speaking - 5 minutes (10%)

Most independent schools takes the ISEB Certificate as a scholarship criterion.