School Clubs

Give your children a fantastic head start by opening their eyes to a colourful and totally different culture, and the most widely spoken language in the world. Children learn through playing, singing songs and activities, and have the opportunity to pronounce Mandarin as perfectly as a native speaker.

Our school clubs focus on ensuring all children are having an enjoyable time together and learning. Lessons can take place at an agreed time, and there will be minimal homework.

We use Independent Schools Examinations Board syllabuses, which can be viewed here. Some ISEB specimen papers for level 1 and level 2 Mandarin can be viewed here.

Length8-10 sessions per term
ClassSmall group
Start DateBeginning of each school term
Lesson Structure3-4 per class, 1 hour per session, 1 session per week
LocationLocal schools
Aims A course leading to ISEB examination should:
  • (i) develop the skills which will enable candidates to understand the written and spoken language and use the language effectively for purposes of practical communication;
  • (ii) give candidates opportunities to take part in a broad range of linguistic activities such as those set out in the National Curriculum for modern languages;
  • (iii) provide a basis for continuing study of the language and encourage independent learning, including the use of dictionaries, glossaries and ICT;
  • (iv) give candidates opportunities to work with authentic language materials;
  • (v) encourage interest in the target countries;
  • (vi) provide enjoyment and stimulation;
  • (vii) encourage positive attitudes towards the use of foreign languages and towards speakers of foreign languages.


We’ll learn new words in every lesson. Students will hear their teacher speaking these words with native prounciation, practise, then link them to meaningful sentences with words they've learned already. This keeps things fun and entertaining, while ensuring new words are properly integrated into their vocabulary.


Students will learn how to write new words, with step-by-step instructions on how to form Chinese characters.


One of the fun parts about learning any new language is learning about the country it comes from – the people, the food, how they live and much more besides. In each lesson, we’ll be giving you an insight into Chinese culture.


This is an opportunity for students to hear, repeat and then practice the words they’ve learned as many times as they’d like when they get home, using our online audio and visual resources.