Some Activities in 2015

Would Grandma be impressed?
A Chinese Christmas card!

A game of Majiang (Mahjong) - Rendcomb College Students

CM students and teachers celebrate Year of Sheep with Weihai Link members

Celebrate 2014 Chinese New Year - the Year of the Horse, 30th Jan 2014

Our students, teachers and families all came together celebrate the Year of the Horse.

We all love Chinese food!

Have a very wonderful MANIAN (Horse Year)!

Making Jiaozi (Chinese dumplings) will be nice, but let start with pancakes.

First Calligraphy experiences, Nov 2013

I'm going to write in traditional characters next time

Dean Close school Mandarin club students: how does yours look?

Dean Close school student: I'm going to get this perfect

Mike's leaving do, 10th July 2013

Mike has been learning Mandarin with CM since February 2013 as a beginner. He has gained abilities to express himself for most of situations in Mandarin with confidence. He can also read and write some Chinese too. He is going to work in Singapore, another country whose official language is Mandarin Chinese. This is a very good excuse for some Mandarin learners, language and culture lovers, and teachers, to get together to share, enjoy their experiences, and celebrate Mike's achievements within five months.

Like-minded people - teachers and learners

All the best Mike!

Happy days!

Book Launch 'Talking with the New Business Dragons', June 2013

Authors Mel Petrie, YingShi Helsby at Waterstones Cheltenham for launch of their new book. Also in attendance were Davis Rees, Director and Principal Consultant Henley Business School, Business leaders who are working with Chinese or thinking of expanding to China, friends who love Chinese culture and families of authors.

Des Mills, MD of Dezac with a signed book

Rise a glass at the book launch

D. Pinchard MD of Transformation Leaders with his copy of the book

Childrens' presentation day, Dec 2012

The children have a morning presenting to their parents what they have learnt, followed by an end of year party. Watch the YouTube video.

Four 6-8 years old performing

Presenters in Chinese & English

Sing a song in Chinese!

National Chinese Speaking Competition, Feb 2012

Angel Parker demonstrated her outstanding Mandarin speaking skill at the Competition in London, finishing as runner-up of the Beginner's category in Feb 2012. Watch the live recording YouTube video.

Angel in Action

At the British Council HQ

The 2012 winner

Calligraphy for all age learners

All learning groups love Chinese culture, enjoy learning via Calligraphy and and other activities.

Emily brush-writing with Huiying

Kitty loves Calligraphy!

John is having a Zen moment

Learning time ... Adult Learners

Most learners are at different levels and stages, but all making excellent progress on speaking, reading and writing.

James is giving it one more go...

Is Nic going to do the GCSE soon?

Kevin knows it is 'speech' related

Learning time ... Children

Children are learning to speak, listen, read and write, through activities and playing.

Abra has just mastered it!

Young Teacher

Future Chess Master

Dressing up time...

Do you like traditional Chinese clothes?

How do I look?

A play: The Monkey King

A play: The White Snake Story

Berkhampstead School Chinese Day

All about China for a day in the school: The map of China, Chinese demographic makeup, China's 4000 years history, Chinese culture and a taste of Chinese food.

YingShi at work

Do I look the part?

Choichoi at work

Huancui International Middle School

A very large secondary school in Weihai, Shandong, China.

Zheng: the Chinese harp

Chinese ink painting

Daily school exercises

The Mayor and business leaders had a very successful trip to Weihai

A trip to the Chinese twin town of Cheltenham. It includes The Harbin Institute of Technology, Wego Group, Jiguan Kindergarten, Huancui International Middle School, Liugong Island, and the pandas.

An official delegation meeting

YingShi at work

A Banquet from Weihai Mayor