All about China

Why Chinese people behave as they do?

If you understand why Chinese people behave the way they do, then, there will be much less frustration. You will be able manage different way of doing business much easier.

The aim of the course is to help prepare for dealings with the Chinese by imparting invaluable knowledge that will assist in building strong interpersonal relationships, promote clear lines of communication and help minimise cross cultural misunderstandings.


It covers all elements of Beginners, Intermediate, or Advanced language program,dependent on your starting points and full elements of Intercultural Workshops.

For the language part, you have a Language overview to understand Chinese language formation, sounds make up and written. Then, learn some essential words and phrases for ordering food and taxi, numerals for money, date and time, and emergency, not forgetting to learn the art of shopping and bargaining in China.

For Chinese culture part, you will learn