Relocating to China

While the pre-departure and immediate post-arrival stage of an international assignment are taken up with numerous practical, logistical, and emotional concerns, such as organising the move, finding a house and schools, once the boxes are unpacked and the international assignee starts work, everyday life in the new environment becomes real. Expatriate and families have to try to adapt usual routines to new realities without the usual support networks and familiar structures to fall back on. This program will help you plan and develop practical strategies to manage difficult situations, leading to an happy and successful international assignment.


This program will provide you with:

Intercultural Competence
  • Developing intercultural competence
  • An understanding of culture shock and its manifestations
  • The opportunity to develop practical strategies to overcome culture shock
  • Key communication tools and skills
Undestand Chinese People
  • A comprehensive insight to China and its historical, social and economic development
  • An understanding of Chinese culture for social and business
  • Subtleties and nuances of Chinese culture may effecte your relationships at work or socially
  • Chinese attitudes to foreigners
  • Chinese communication style verbal and bady languages
  • Strategies for coping with difficult situations with case studies
  • Effective communication skills with case studies
  • Sensitive topics you should avoid that may embarrass or make people feel uncomfortable
  • Public behaviour and etiquette
  • Traditions and Celebrations
Essential practical guids and information for settling in
  • Detailed adivise on what to bring
  • Practical information on local properties, living environment, transports, schools and entertainments
  • Chinese views on raising children and education
  • Holidays
  • Banking
  • Healthcare in China
  • Guidelines for safety issues
  • Practical tips on food and drinks, shopping
  • Domestic Help - Maids
  • Essential languages for emergencies and how to seek helps
  • Gifts for births, weddings, deaths and other special occasions
  • An opportunity to discuss any further individual concerns regarding Settling in.