School Language and Culture Day

Our goal was not to jam pack the children' heads with detailed information about foreign countries. Rather we wanted to share basic information that is key to cultural literacy in a playful way. Young children need to learn key associations: windmills/Netherlands, kangaroos/Australia, Taj Mahal/India. These associations may seem trite to many adults, but frequently, schools are not teaching these associations and kids do not know them. It is also important to introduce information about the nature of countries, capitals and continents. We did not expect children to remember every bit of information. But with a consistent pattern of country identifying information being presented, fun hands-on projects, and the opportunity to attend World Culture Day

Start DateAny time
Lesson Structure3/4 to an hour session, 3 - 4 sessions per day
LocationYour school

What Kinds of Activities Work Well?

  • Key facts about China
  • Language Based Activities
  • Chinese writing
  • Musical Activities: Children learned some songs
  • Paper Arts: There are a wide variety of paper arts included making paper cuts and creating origami
  • Religious beliefs and philosophers
  • Cuisine: Children prepared and ate some typical Chinese food
  • Native Games: Children sometimes learned to play a game typically played by children in the China
  • Traditions and Celebrations in China
  • What is lucky numbers and colours?
  • Chinese names
  • Others.